Useful Commands

Get the best bonuses of the market only by PrimeTel for the PAY AS YOU GO subscribers. Get the most free minutes, the most free SMS and the most free MB’s.

Τhe settings of your mobile device for accessing the Internet may need to be configured manually following the instructions below:

– APN (access point name): ip.primetel

– “Username” and “password” remain empty

Click here for Mobile Internet settings.

See who’s calling before you answer the phone (provided the number is not hidden).

Take a call while you are on another call. This service can be activated through your device settings.

You can divert your incoming calls to any other number or to your voicemail, in case:

– You miss the call

– Your mobile is switched off

– You are on another call already

Click here for instructions.

You can add up to 5 other people to your call to speak to each other at the same time.

By calling 122, you can activate your voicemail service as well as the missed call notification service.

The voicemail service allows you to receive your voice messages when you’re not available. You can listen to these messages later, store them in folders and even mark them as urgent. In addition, with the Remote Pick-up service, you can listen to your messages from any landline or mobile number, in Cyprus and abroad.

The missed call notification service will send you a free SMS for each call made to your number that went unanswered or whilst you were unavailable. For each call you make to your voicemail box, the first 10 seconds are free and then national rates apply for the remaining time.

Click here for instructions.

Τhis is a useful service available to Pay As You Go users. When you run out of communication value, you are able to send a free SMS to the recipient to call you back.

To use the service, type *130*MobileNumber# and then press the call button. In order to be able to use this service, please keep the following in mind:

– Your balance should be less than €0.10.

– This SMS can only be sent to Mobile provider networks within Cyprus (PrimeTel, MTN, CYTA).

– Can be used maximum 3 times per day.

Find out your account balance by dialing *133#

You can top up your account by dialing *133*<16-digit voucher code >#. The 16-digit code can be found in the right-hand corner of your top-up voucher.

You can transfer communication value from your account to another by dialing *121*< recipient MSISDN >*< amount to be transferred >#.

You can change the language by dialing*135* <1 (GR), 2(EN), 3(RU)> #.

So, for example, if you wish to change the language from Greek o English, dial*135* <2> #.

Find out the remaining balance from your bonus by dialing *139#.

Find out the remaining FREE talk time if you have the Family Package by dialing *137#.

To find out how many free minutes/SMS/Data you have available type 138#

With the command *133*12321#

To find out your available balance dial *138*2#


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